Back to School Meal Prep

Make Back-to School Meal Prep a Snap!

By Foodom published on 8/13/21

When school is back in session, life is hectic and time is scarce. It can be difficult to find healthy food that’s also fast enough for busy lifestyles. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available now that make it easier. In this article, we’ll discuss ways to meal prep so you’re not scrambling every night to cook a decent meal or becoming McDonald’s #1 customer.  

Plan Out Your Meals in Advance

Planning out your weekly meals ahead of time can help you save money and keep from constantly running around to find something new for dinner. Using a meal planning template or app to create rotating menus will allow you the ability to plan a grocery list in advance. Planning your grocery list to follow the store layout also helps while you’re in the store so you’re not backtracking to aisles you’ve already visited. In addition, by organizing food groups into school lunches and family dinners with corresponding recipes ready-made inside the template/app itself allows for batch cooking one day over the weekend.  

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk when you can is a great way to save money and ensure that your family has the ingredients they need for every meal. Keep an eye out for items that are on sale, then freeze them so they stay fresh until needed again.

A good tip if you plan it right by purchasing things like cereals or canned vegetables during their discounted periods of time is only stocking up enough to last three months at most since those foods will expire within this timeframe. Remember, it’s a fine balance between buying in bulk and buying too much and then throwing away food, so pay attention, and the best way to prevent food waste is to plan ahead.

Make Enough Servings for Leftovers

Planning your cooking is essential to staying on top of your budget and save you time. When you are preparing food, make sure that there’s enough for leftovers and repurposing the meal for another night or a different dish altogether. For example, if roasting a turkey makes dinner one evening with some sandwiches in reserve for lunch the next day–and leftover soup from using up all parts of the bird-you’ve saved yourself time while also saving money! If you decide to freeze meals for later, label everything. Put the name of the item and date on the outside so you can keep track of what you have and whether it’s still good later.

Portion Out Healthy Snacks

Try portioning out fruits, vegetables and snacks ahead of time into reusable containers to make it easier for your children to grab and go. This is a great way to ensure that they will not be tempted by unhealthy options such as candy or chips at the store when picking up something quick on the run. Portioned out food also encourages healthier snacking habits in children which may lead them to eat more nutritious foods later in life without trying too hard!

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Use a Meal Prep Service Like Foodom

Meal planning can be a daily struggle for busy parents. If you still find you are too short on time to get meals planned and cooked in advance, or simply don’t enjoy it, we have a solution for you! Foodom allows you to select a variety of dishes, snacks, and desserts from our web site, then schedules you a vetted local chef to make the dishes for you in your home. The Foodom web site produces a grocery list for you based on your food selections (you can even delete ingredients off the list that you have on hand) so you can buy the ingredients needed, or for an additional fee, you can send the list to the chef, and they will purchase everything for you!

And, all of this costs less than stopping at a drive through or ordering delivery, and is healthier and tastier because it’s made from quality ingredients to your specifications.

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