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Carlos De La Torre
Portland, OR

Hola Everybody. Well what can I tell you? You want me to cook for you, and, I’ll tell you why. I really love story telling. I like to see other peoples perspectives, other cultures narratives. I like adventure, I like history, I like romance. I want to bring all those experiences through my distinct voice. And my voice? Well that’s my food. That's my medium. I'm really into telling the old stories & the old ways, of reporting the voices scattered from the four winds. The Moles, the gastriques, the Ras El Hanouts & the Vadouvans. But I love to tell these stories through a modern and ingredient forward lens. Morita chili Harissa, Miso caramels, Sriracha curries. With everything out in the world I try not to take myself too seriously. My craft? Absolutely. I know why we toast the seeds. I understand why we cut against the grain. Unseasoned salads upset me. But I'm a fun loving guy. So why not Barbacoa Short rib with Tapatio Caviar? I’m here to take a load off your shoulders. Sit back, have a glass of wine. Chef Itz has the cooking and the cleaning handled. So what can I say holler at your boy. I’ve got your back.

Business: Pocholandia -

Cooking Specialties: American, Italian, Mexican, Vegetarian / VeganElevated Street Food