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Rachel Brown
Sacramento, CA

Growing up in Hong Kong, an international trading hub, Chef Rachel Chan Brown had a unique upbringing with food. She had exceptional exposure to many cuisines and wide range of global rare ingredients. This diversified her appreciation for different foods and cultures since a young age. Paired with a chef for a father and a line of restaurateurs in her family, food has always been their primary love language and hospitality runs as deep as blood. With Rachel’s specialty being Fusion Cuisines, she strives to be a bridge between cultures using her creativity in the kitchen and hopes to close the gap between comfort and excitement for her clients

Business: Chefan by RCB - https://www.chefanbyrcb.com/

Cooking Specialties: American, Italian, Mexican, Vegetarian / Vegan, OtherChinese, Thai, Mediterranean, Californian, Viet