Food Pods: A New Food Trend

By: Foodom, published on 10/21/2020

You may have heard of school pods, where kids group with other families while homeschooling or distance learning, but have you ever heard of a food pod? Neither had we, until now! Whether you are a busy professional, with or without kids, cooking on your own, have a home cook, or a personal chef, this is a cool thing for you to check out!

A food pod is when you group with other people to create meals that you can cook in a large batch, and share amongst households. One household would host the cooking, and assemble the meals to go, and the other households would pick up the food for that week, rotating the hosting responsibilities. This way you cook one and eat all week different types of dishes and meals. This is something you can set up, coordinate, and cook yourself, or use a Foodom cook to make the meals!

Most people will ask existing friends or local extended family. However, a food pod can also be a great way to meet your neighbors. Many neighborhoods now have private Facebook groups or sites like NextDoor that can put you in touch with other households that are within a mile or two.

This works great for singles, couples, families with kids and empty nesters.
Some things to consider when creating a food pod, and our suggestions:

Q: How often would I create shared meals?

A: We recommend cooking several meals at once on a weekly basis, 1-3 times a week based on the size of your group, but you can set it up however works best for you.

Q: Who will host cooking the meals?

A: Usually hosting cooking the meals is rotated evenly so that everyone does some cooking, and gets to enjoy others’ cooking.

Q: How do I split costs for the meals?

A: If you rotate weekly, whoever hosts can pay for the meals for that week.

What if I want to participate in a food pod, but I don’t enjoy cooking?

If you don’t want to cook, but you’d still like to participate in a food pod, Foodom may be your solution! When it is your turn to host, you can schedule a cook through Foodom, and choose the meals ahead of time. You can place a 10-serving order of several meals, host the cook at your home, then have the cook pack up the food to be distributed amongst the group. It’s a terrific way to save time, save money, and feed your family with wholesome, home-cooked meals!

How to make meal prep easy and simple

We hope you’ll consider adding a food pod to your routine to give you back some time in your week! If you’d like to try a Foodom chef to cook your meals for you, check out our dishes and options here.

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