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As your new orders are starting to be booked, here are key how-to suggestions. Please click here to send a message and let me know if you have any questions.

COVID-19 Update to Cooks

Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, Foodom cooks are asked to implement additional measures to keep yourself and the clients safe, following the FDA and CDC food safety guidelines and a few more safety measurements on top of that.

All the cooks that work with Foodom are asked to implement the following additional guidelines when preparing meals:

All the cooks that work with Foodom are asked to implement the following additional guidelines in addition to the CDC and FDA food safety requirements when preparing meals:

  1. All cooks do a self-health check before leaving home and If you are sick, let us know ASAP and we will have another personal cook to take your place.
  2. Upon entering a client’s home please wear a face-covering that will not be removed until you leave the home. Sanitize your phone and/or other devices you will be using while cooking and immediately wash your hands with warm water for at least 20 seconds and dry them with a paper towel, then put on disposable gloves.
  3. If you shop for your customer, treat it as if it was raw food, sanitize all food packaging before begin preparing.
  4. Maintain social distancing protocols of at least 6 feet from the clients.

Once you stored the meal properly, perform a thorough cleanup process including sanitizing all surfaces you came in contact with such as appliance handles and counter tops, sanitize your personal equipment in preparation for your next cooking as well as wash your hands a final wash before leaving.

1. Look for new in-home cooking orders in your email – orders can be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

2. Approve new booked orders – pending appointments need to be approved within 2 hours, after which it is reassigned to other cooks. To approve it, go to “My Calendar“, click on the appointment, click on “Update Status”, choose “Approved” and save changes.

3. Change duration, time, or day – first, approve schedule changes with the customer. Then, go to “My Calendar“, click on the appointment, click on”Date” to change the day, click on “View Time and Order Details”, change the start and/or end time. Click “Save” to save the changes.

4. Mark the booking as “Complete” in order to get paid the cooking is done, in your calendar.

5. Keep your calendar updated at all times

6. Buffer – we automatically add 15 minutes buffer before and after each appointment to allow time in between appointments.

1. Shopping list – the customers receive a shopping list after you approve the order. You have the link to their list in the confirmation email, along with the production PDF. The customer should check off the ingredients they have at home and let you know that it’s updated. 

2. How to know if they booked a shopping service – in your calendar, click on the order, go to order details (orange bottom), and at the bottom under “Extra services”, it will say 0 or 1 x $35 shopping list. 0 means the client didn’t order grocery shopping service, 1 means they did order it. 

3. Something Extra – if the customer asks for something extra that will add more time to the overall cooking appointment, and you are ok with it – use the “Something Extra” service to have them pay for it ahead of time. The recommended fee is $1/minute or your preferred fee.

4. Tip – customers can pay a tip when placing an order and/or after the cooking service, along with a review form they receive after the cooking service is completed.

5. Meal planning – if a customer asks for a meal plan, use Something Extra to order the service they should book. After the customer approves the recipes you provide them, upload the recipes on the platform, we will approve it and the customer will be able to place an order.

New Booking Text (written by chef Alan Skversky)

Hi [customer first name],

This is Chef [Chef’s name] from Foodom.  Nice to meet you and thank you so much for booking me. I promise you’ll like everything, most especially the convenience! I look forward to coming over and cooking for you and your family. Now that you have my number, please feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions.

Thanks and see you [day]!

[Chef’s name]

New Booking Email (written by chef Donna Giamo)

Hi [customer first name],

I am looking forward to meeting you on [Day of the week] and preparing some delicious and healthy meals for you and your family. I see that you are doing your own shopping. If you could have kitchen space and sink, clean, cleared, and ready to go with all non-perishable ingredients and chosen storage containers easily accessible that would really speed up the process.  Please let me know if any of the needed equipment for cooking is missing. This information will assure that I come prepared to give you the best possible service.  After reviewing your menu, if you have any questions or concerns about substitutions you would like to make please feel free to let me know.  Don’t hesitate to email or text me with any questions.  My cell is [cehf’s cell].

Kind regards,
[Chef’s name]

Upcoming Appointment Text (written by chef Alan Skversky)

Confirming our upcoming event on [day of week, date]. I will be shopping tomorrow so if there’s anything on the list you won’t need or something not on the list that you may want, please let me know.

[Chef’s name]

Email COVID-19 Prep the Day Before the Cooking (written by chef Mayumi Tavalero)

Hi [customer first name]

This is [Chef’s name], your cook for your upcoming Foodom in-home appointment on [Day of the week, date, time]. Most of us are familiar with the Covid 19 safety guidelines, but just a reminder to keep us all safe, I would like to pass on a few tips for when I arrive:

  1.  I will be wearing a face-covering upon entering your home, and for the duration of my stay, with the exception of testing food for seasoning or drinking water. 
  2. Please have the household members remain at least 6 feet from my work area, and if in the same room, to wear a face-covering as well.  Ideally, no more than one person in the same room with me if any. I care about you and your family’s health and realize many people may have compromised immune systems or other conditions that may make them more susceptible to Covid 19. 
  3. As a business owner, I am passionate about what I do and strive to keep my customers and myself healthy in so many ways. By preparing quality food, using good food safety practices, and following Covid safety guidelines, I can continue to serve my valuable customers. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. I look forward to meeting you!

[Chef’s name]

Post Visit Text (written by chef Alan Skversky)

Hi [customer first name],

Thank you for having me in your home today. It was a pleasure working in your kitchen! I hope you enjoy everything and that we have a future opportunity to work together.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

[Cehef’s name]

Submit your favorite recipes – enhance your visibility on Foodom and follow these guidelines

  • Tasty and simple everyday meals
  • Simple ingredients that can be found in local stores
  • Quick Preparation – 10 mins – 45 mins, split the total time into prep time, marinade/chill time, hands-on cook time and hands-off cook time as needed
  • Default 10 servings – Scale the recipe to 10 servings Recipes for various preferences, cuisines, diets, main dishes, sides, soups, desserts