Glazed Carrots

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Serving Size: 4.5 ounces
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Chef Thomas Keller’s technique highlights the natural sweetness of carrots, with only a small amount of added sugar.
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  • 1. Add carrots to the pan(s) in a single layer and swirl the pan around to create an even amount of space between them. Add sugar and enough water to barely cover carrots. Add butter and turn on the flame to high heat. Move the pan around throughout cooking to keep carrots evenly spaced so that each is individually glazed.
  • 2. Turn down the heat to medium and cook until finished, about 5 minutes. You’re looking for the butter to emulsify and the liquid to form a shiny glaze. (Cooking too much will result in oiliness. Cooking too little will leave the liquid milky-looking and watery.)
  • 3. When reduction is complete, toss carrots in the pan with chopped parsley.

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Total Time15 minutes
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