Spinach and Parmesan Stuffed Chicken Breast

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Serving Size: 1 chicken breast
Recipe adapted from:
Mayumi Tavalero
These chicken breasts come out tender and juicy, as they are stuffed just under the skin to keep them moist.
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  • Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees. Pat chicken dry with a paper towel. Remove bone and tenderloin (reserve for another use-makes stuffing under skin easier), but KEEP SKIN INTACT. Season chicken with salt and pepper; set aside.
  • To a large sauté pan set on medium-high heat, add some of the olive oil. Add the spinach and sauté until wilted. Remove from heat and let cool. Note: You may have to do this in batches for 7-10 servings.
  • When spinach has cooled squeeze out excess moisture and place in a bowl. Toss with the parmesan or feta cheese and season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Divide the spinach mixture into equal portions (depending on number of servings) and stuff under the skin of each chicken breast, being careful to level out the stuffing. Place chicken on a parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet. Rub breasts with additional olive oil, then bake for 25-30 minutes, until chicken is cooked through and the skin is golden brown.
  • To serve, slice chicken crosswise at an angle to expose stuffing, fanning out when plating.

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