Recurring Orders for a Consistent Schedule

Written by Dalton Haberman, Published on 11/12/21

Do you want to cook for customers on a regular basis? Do you already cook for customers on a regular basis, but tired of inconsistent, one-off orders? We’ve made it easy for customers to book you on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Don’t worry— you still get all of the flexibility of normal orders, except you know exactly what to expect weeks in advance!

How it Works

The first order on a recurring order is identical to any other order. You receive the first order as pending into your inbox with dishes.

It’s a little different for the following weeks! Here’s how to handle these orders:

  • In your order email and calendar, you’ll see additional future dates reserved for the same customer. This is a time reservation on your calendar, with no specific meal booked yet. Cool!
  • Future reserved dates will be labeled as “pending orders – ‘no dish”, because the customer still has to select their dishes.
  • You still have complete flexibility to make adjustments to the dates/times after coordinating and confirming with the customer! Then approve each order.
  • Your customer will select dishes and pay 5 days prior. You will get a notification once the dishes are selected and will need to approve this order in the calendar to get the cooking PDF with all the recipes, and the customer will get the shopping list.
  • However, if no dishes are selected 3 days before order, the timeslot is released to allow for other orders.

Calendar Example

In the below example, you’ll see a few order statuses:

  • The 1st, on Monday is a Completed order (White).
  • The 2nd order for Sun the 14th is an Approved order (Green)
  • The 3rd order is an Approved – No Dishes order (Light Blue)

What to expect if your schedule looks like this:

  • Today is Thursday the 11th (highlighted in yellow), so you’ve already completed the order from Monday the 8th.
  • You have an upcoming order on Sunday the 14th, and since you’ve approved it you already have all of the instructions you need.
  • You approved an order with no dishes on the 28th. Since the customer adds dishes 3-5 days prior, you can expect to be notified as early as Monday, the 23rd. Once you approve the order with the dishes, you will get your instructions like a normal order!


Approve all pending orders (including “No Dishes”) as long as they fit your schedule. If they don’t all work, you can take this opportunity to reschedule to a date or time that fits better for you. Just be sure to communicate with the customer before making any changes ahead of time!

You get an email and a text message as soon as they add dishes (3-5 days beforehand) and it will show up in your calendar as a normal order. Once you approve the order, you can view all of the instructions!

You won’t know exactly how long you’re cooking future orders. These are approximate reservations, so by default you get an additional hour buffer after orders.

As seen in the picture above, you can see each order status has a different color:

  • Yellow: Pending order with dishes
  • Gray: Pending future order (no dishes)
  • Blue: Approved a future order (no dishes)
  • Green: Approved order
  • White: Completed order

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