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Who do you know that’s too busy to cook their own healthy meals? Help your clients & community eat healthier & earn 25% of our profit as passive income on orders booked on our platform!

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Why Become a Foodom Affiliate?


If you’re a chef on the Foodom platform, earn more on your orders or passive income for meals cooked by other chefs in the community! 

Health & Wellness Pros

Set up your clients & patients for success by offering a foolproof solution to execute their health & nutrition goals. Increase client happiness by removing the need to prepare their own home-cooked meals.

Community Partners

Are you just as excited to create a local, healthy community as we are? Help us on our mission to connect vetted chefs with busy families.

How to Earn as an Affiliate

Share Foodom with others

Log in above & share your link with your network, via email or social media.

Encourage them to order

Bring value by offering a healthy solution to others’ nutrition goals. Promote Foodom when communicating with your network. 

You get paid

Get 25% of Foodom’s profit on all orders booked through your link. The more your refer, the more you earn.

Common questions

Foodom offers a long cookie lifetime of 60 days, which means you will earn on any bookings that were made thanks to you within the 60 days from the referee first visit on the platform.

While logged in to your affiliate portal, navigate to the "Marketing" section for resources. Email if you need help.

We pay your earnings via PayPal. 

Never. Signup is free.

Immediately. Signing up is as simple as creating your account and sharing your link! 

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