Actions We Take To Keep Your Safe

Your Safety Is Our Priority!

ID and Criminal Background Checks

All cooks go through a detailed screening process, ID, and criminal background checks.

Food Tasting & Testing

 We carefully vet all the cooks, verify their culinary skills, and taste test their cooking before they join the Foodom community.

Two-Way Reviews

We gather two-way reviews from all users to allow the cooks and the customers write their feedback after the meal preparation, which will be available for all the members online. We also monitor the orders and feedback to ensure compliance with Foodom terms, conditions and rules.

Food Safety Certificate & Food Liability Insurance

All cooks carry a safety certificate or food handler card, and general liability insurance.

Coaching & Mentoring

Custom training and mentoring programs lead by experienced chefs and clear rules and processes are provided to all the new cooks joining Foodom.

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