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About Us

Foodom is an online marketplace connecting local vetted cooks with people that want everyday meals prepared in their own kitchen, creating magic in an affordable and safe way. We are also passionate about reducing food waste.

What if a good food appears in your clean kitchen, your food waste is reduced and you get extra free time?

Whether you have special dietary needs, or you don’t have time to cook or just want to remove the hassle of making a meal, our goal is simple – to make life easier and calmer, meals tastier and healthier,  save money on wasted food and have more time to do things we love and care about.
Foodom cooks cover a wide range of cuisines and diets of all types, ethnically authentic and healthy food. Whatever your preference is, they will tailored to your specifications and will cook in your own kitchen on your terms! They can also do grocery shopping and will clean the kitchen after cooking.

Got a Cooking Passion? 

For those whom cooking is their passion, Foodom marketplace and community is a great place to find customers and cooking gigs and get the support of other cooks and chefs when needed! Earn more income and help another individual or family in the community that doesn’t have time or is unable to cook for themselves.

Complete a few quick and simple qualification and application steps, and start cooking. Be your own boss, work on your own schedule, do what you love and good at, and Foodom marketplace will help make your work easier and more efficient using software and technology.

Reduce Food Waste and Use the Savings to Hire an Affordable Home Cook

Based on research done by the US government, consumers throw away 21% of the entire edible and available food supply in the US! Weekly grocery shopping of a married couple with children in the US is $224, average consumer food loss or waste is 21%, meaning that the average family with kids in the US throws away $47 worth of food every week.
Having a cook shop for groceries can help reduce the average grocery spending dramatically. The Foodom cook buys only what’s needed for the meal without impulse shopping or buying extra quantity beyond what is needed for the booked meal.
With meal preparation starting at $30 and grocery shopping starting at $15, booking a Foodom cook 1-2 times a week could be no extra cost or minimal extra cost to a busy family by reducing their food waste, and at the same time saving many hours per day thinking about what to cook, grocery shopping, preparing meals and cleaning upCooking 2 servings and 10 servings costs the same, order a larger serving size and enjoy the leftovers for a few days for the same meal cooking price.