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Book a trusted chef for weekly meal prep in your own kitchen. 

All the chefs undergo a background check, carry a food safety certificate, and have general liability insurance.

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We are using time-based pricing. When you order multiple dishes, we calculate the time it takes to prepare all the dishes in one visit. 

Sample menu cost

This sample menu for a family of 4 costs about $150 for labor and an estimated $150 for groceries.

Get about 40 dinners and lunches, and 20 breakfasts or snacks. The cost per meal is $5.

Flexible booking, no recurring subscription fees.

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Add more dishes to your cart, and save more. You can even get some dishes for free! 

Start with the main dish, add side dishes and see the savings. You only pay for the total time it takes to prepare all the meals.

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Frequently asked questions

Pricing is based on the dishes you select. The cost includes the chef's time, plus the cost of groceries. 

The best way to find out how much it costs is to start loading your cart! To do that, head to our menu, no need to reserve a chef to do that.

Grocery Cost: This part of the cost will be known and shared with you after the chef buys the groceries.

The price is the cooking fee of each dish and it includes cooking most dishes up to 10 servings, storing, and cleaning up. The service does not include ingredients and serving.

The price per dish is the same whether you order 4 or 10 servings because it's based on the time it takes to cook the entire dish, regardless of the number of servings. For some dishes, the serving size is different than 10. This is because of the limitation of the cooking equipment, such as the size of pots and pans. 

No time to shop? The chef can buy the ingredients for you, add this option during checkout (for an additional fee).

How does tipping work? We ensures that 100% of the tip goes directly to the chef. You have the option to add a tip when placing your order, or you can choose to pay it separately afterwards or add extra tip. We provide an email with a link for easy tipping, and you can also access it through "My Account" in the "My Appointments" section. While leaving a tip is not mandatory, we have observed that most of our clients generously add a tip ranging from 20% to 25% of the order. In some cases, clients express exceptional appreciation for the chef's extra efforts by leaving even higher tips, such as 30% or even 50%. Our chefs greatly value these tips and the recognition they represent.

All the chefs cook all the dishes. You can read in the chefs' bios about their specialties. You can book a specific chef or the platform can assign an available chef close by.

If you need a specific day and time, choose "Any" chef and see all the available times. 

You will get the shopping after the chef approves your order. You will receive an email with the a direct link to it. You can also access it from your account. Go to My account - Shopping lists.


=> Please note that if you change your and prefer to do the grocery shopping by yourself instead of the chef, let the chef know at least 48 hours ahead of time.

No. The chefs can cook in your kitchen while you are at work, or running errands, or busy doing other things. Please provide them instructions on how to get in, where to find the ingredients and the cooking equipment needed, and they will take it from there. Like house cleaners do.

To have a successful cooking experience and great results we recommend the following:

  1. Clear the counters and clean the sink to make room for the chef to cook.
  2. Clear space in the refrigerator to make room for the delicious food the chef will cook for you.
  3. Place the non-refrigerated ingredients on the counter as well as the dishes, pots and pans they will need to use.
  4. If you require guests to remove shoes at home, please note that chefs are required to wear shoes for safety reasons. To accommodate your policy, kindly provide booties (shoe covers) for the chef to wear during the cooking process.

Absolutely, it's your choice which ingredients the chef will use and how to get it. You can get the ingredients yourself or have the chef do the grocery shopping for you.

You can book a meal as often as you like, we have customers that are booking 1-2 times a week, others are booking every other week to help them with their weekly meal preparation.

Some customers also book Foodom chefs for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.

We ask to book the meals 4 days in advance for a one off orders, to allow the chefs enough time to connect with you and prepare for the cooking. 

Once you book a recurring appointment with your chef, you can choose the dishes up to 24 hours in advance.

It's totally up to you, you can order any type of food from the menu. For most dishes, the serving size is designed to be up to 10 servings or the size of your pots and pans. For the maximum value, we recommend booking a meal once a week, that will serve you 2-3 days with leftovers and order a few more dishes that you can freeze and enjoy in the 2nd half of the week.

Another option is to group with other people and/or families into a food pod. Read more about it here.

Keep it easy, healthy, interesting, and cost-efficient.

We understand your concern about potential damages to your kitchen. Rest assured, our chefs carry general liability insurance to cover any accidental damages that may occur during their service. In the rare event of damage, Foodom will provide full support with your complaint and guide you through the process. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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