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Invite friends and family to join the Foodom community, and they get $25 when they sign up!

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How Referrals Work

Invite friends who are new to Foodom

Invite people who don’t have a Foodom account yet to sign up through your link above

Give $25

Your friends will get $25 when they sign up

Earn karma credit

Good deeds create a ripple effect of positivity that benefits both others and yourself

Common questions

In order to get the $25, your friend needs to create the account from the link you provided them, from the same device and browser. The referral link expires after 30 days.

A referral coupon will be added to your friend's account after they sign up. They will see it in the referrals link under "My Account".

In order to get the referral discount your friend will need to create an account and the referral code will be added to their referrals link automatically. To redeem it, they will need to go to the referrals link under their account, copy the code and paste it into their cart.

The referral coupon expires after 30 days.

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