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Invite friends to join the Foodom community and get $10 for every friend who is new to Foodom and books a meal. They will get $10 off their first order.

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How Referrals Work

Invite friends who are new to Foodom

Invite people who don’t have a Foodom account yet to sign up through your link above.

You earn

Get $10 for every friend who signs up for Foodom and places an order with your link.

They get a discount

Friends who sign up for Foodom will get $10 off their first order with coupon code WELCOME10.

Common questions

A referral coupon will be emailed to you after your friend's order is completed and marked complete by the chef.

In order to get the $10 off your friend should use the code WELCOME10. Either share this code with them or they will get it from the chatbot when they visit the site for the first time.

The referral coupon expires after 60 days.