Chefs, thrive and prosper here!

Expand your chef business with flexibility, recurring clients, and our back-office support
Pursue your culinary passion with a balanced life. Get personal chef opportunities that fit your schedule and needs, including weekly meal preps and in-home gatherings.
Chef Zeke Gluckman
Chef Zeke Gluckman
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I paid off my car this week and it feels really amazing to have work that I care about to my soul and im also able to afford some things too. Looking forward to what comes next. Thanks so much for everything you do to make this going.
Chef Annalise Gustafsson
Chef Annalise Gustafsson
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My experience with Foodom that it is much more geared toward the chef and a far better exchange than the other recruiters I’ve worked with. I think you’ve really found the niche of allowing chefs to shine and do what they do best while handling the marketing, finding the clients, menu planning/recipes, and other business aspects. I really appreciate the platform you have created.
Chef Skye Jackson
Chef Skye Jackson
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I've now mastered 55 new recipes with Foodom! I want to thank you again for the opportunities within this company. It's been really fun, rewarding, and satisfying on another level for me. Keep em' coming and I'll keep feeding them!
Chef Syd Bailey
Chef Syd Bailey
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"As a chef for over 30 years, I have taught classes, private dinner parties and as Executive Chef for 4 different restaurants. I fell in love with the Foodom concept and with Reneta's vision. It is an incredibly wonderful way for cooks to bring food to people who wouldn't normally experience this type of healthy delicious cuisine. I have met some incredible people while cooking for Foodom and shared some great experiences. The interface and appointment process is extremely smooth and effortless. The payouts come very quickly. If you like cooking and whether you are looking for full time work or something to supplement your income, I can't say enough good things about Foodom."
Chef Deborah Wagner
Chef Deborah Wagner
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I am a chef on Foodom, and I love it. My clients are wonderful and so appreciative that I come to their home, cook a bunch of delicious dishes, clean up the kitchen and leave them with instructions on reheating and serving. I do both weekly food prep for them as well as special evenings and events. When they want a change of pace, they book me for "custom" cooks where I cook my recipes or any recipes that they find that they want me to make. I believe our service is a game changer for busy families who want delicious, wholesome dishes prepared for literally any diet or allergy restrictions. Something for everyone on Foodom!

Why Join Foodom?

Make More Money

Cook for people in your area and earn as much as you want as an independent contractor. The more you cook, the more you make. Do what you like, we will take care of the rest.

Simple to Get Started

All you need is a passion for cooking and growing your chef business, a set of knives, and some documentation!

Be Your Own Boss

Enjoy freedom, flexibility, and set up your own schedule. Accept orders at times and locations that work for you.

How It Works

1. Apply Online

Get started by applying here. We’ll let you know if we’re moving to the next step within 24-48 hours.

2. Cook Great Meals

You’ll start getting bookings based on your availability.

3. Get Paid

Get paid within 5 days or less. Build relationships with your customers so you can fill your calendar with regulars. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Foodom allows customers to chose what level of experience they are interested in. Whether you are a professionally trained chef or skilled passionate cook, we are happy to hear from you.

The prices include cooking, food packing and storing if needed and clean up after the cooking. Optional extra services with additional fees are grocery and container shopping and other services.

The dishes on the Foodom menu are based on customers' everyday nutrition needs. Customers can choose from a variety of recipes that can be previewed here. We are always looking for new recipes, you can submit your own recipes here. You can choose to accept or decline the order based on the schedule and types of dishes. 

The cooking will be done at the customers' homes, there is no need for a commercial kitchen.

California requires in-home cooks to carry a valid food safety certification. This training is available online at and costs a one-time fee of $8. All cooks need to carry general liability insurance, which starts at $34 per month with Liberty Mutual policy, or $299 per year paid upfront with FLIP program, and pass an annual background check, which costs $36.5. This can be a relatively low expense compared to the potential income opportunity.

It's totally up to you. You can work as much or as little as you want.

It's free to join Foodom. There is no subscription required or membership fees to get going. You keep 80% of cooking service fees and 100% of the tips.

Once you complete a cooking service, the money is transferred to your account within 2-5 days. No need to chase clients for payments.

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