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Foodom was founded in 2019 to provide an affordable and healthy option for many people who find it challenging to tackle everyday meal planning and cooking.

I am a semiconductors veteran. I worked for Intel, Western Digital, and SanDisk for the past 12 years. Prior to that, I worked for other software, telecommunication, and e-commerce companies.

After losing 80 pounds during 2016 with STRONGER U nutrition, I put a lot of effort into keeping these pounds off including macros tracking, planning, and discipline. Eating out is an incredible challenge with my diet as well as tracking nutrition at home while cooking and cleaning up after finished any free time I could have had since then.

I also have been taking our kids to endless activities every day after school and after a long day of work there is little time to buy groceries and prepare a nourishing meal for the family.

Being busy professionals with kids, my husband and I found ourselves regularly arriving home late in the evening, spending hours cooking and cleaning up while thinking about which meals to prepare next and stressing over the grocery shopping. I was constantly calculating and tracking macros to keep the 80 pounds I lost a few years ago off.

It made me think that there must be a better way to manage this and keep my sanity and we hired a local talented young chef and it changed our life.

Day to day life operation became much easier by choosing a tasty meal for my family and then coming home to a cooked healthy warm meal and clean kitchen. The chef does the grocery shopping—all of which saves us stress, time and money, buying only the necessary groceries with no waste and impulse purchases.

Since there are a limited number of professional chefs and it’s normally considered to be a luxurious service, I looked for ways to expand this so that others can enjoy this wonderful help at home at an affordable price point for the broader population. The solution I came up with is to bring more home cooks into home kitchens—and at the same time create jobs for many. Think of how many Uber and Lyft drivers there are now. What type of job would these people have instead?

Everyday when I come to work I think how I can create a great home-cook platform, starting with just a few people and scaling to millions.

Thank you!
Reneta Jenik

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