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For less than the cost of takeout, in-home chefs will shop for your preferred ingredients, cook a meal of your choice in your kitchen, customized to you and your family needs, prepare meals for the entire week, and leave your space sparkling clean.

Enjoy healthy meals like a celebrity, by having someone else do the cooking and kitchen clean up, while you enjoy the delicious meals, the extra free time, and extra health and well-being.

Great for busy people and families, wanting to eat better, healthier, or have restricted diets.

Why We Think You Should Try Foodom


Have meals prepared for the whole week for less than the cost of takeout, less impulse buying, and less food and packaging waste too.

Free Your Time

Time is precious. Reduce the time spent on meals to 15-min a week, and enjoy delicious meals and leftovers for a few days without the hassle!


Enjoy the flexibility to order as often as you like, from a variety of hundreds of dishes, customized to your specific nutrition needs. 

Sample Chefs and Meals

Categories and options include Everyday meals, Comfort food, kid-friendly, low calorie, training athlete meals, vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, Keto, Whole30, gluten-free, and other dietary needs and cuisines.

How A Working Mom Makes More Time for Her Work while  Homeschooling, and Boosts Her Family’s Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

The chefs will cook the meals in your kitchen. All the chefs cook all the dishes.

The minimum order on Foodom is $100, for a few dishes, each one up to 10 servings and enough food for a few days. The more you order, the more you can save, as the chef can prepare a few dishes at the same time.

The service fee includes cooking most dishes up to 10 servings, storing and clean up.

The service does not include ingredients and serving.

No time to shop? The chef can buy the ingredients for you, add this option during checkout (for an additional fee).

You have the option to buy the groceries yourself or have the chef buy your preferred ingredients for you for an extra fee, from your preferred grocery store.

If the chef buys the groceries, you will pay for the ingredients after the cooking is done, we will email you a copy of the receipt and charge your card.

By choosing a chef shop for your groceries, you can potentially reduce your average grocery spending dramatically. The chef will buy only what’s needed for the meal without impulse shopping or buying extra quantity beyond what you need—food that you might throw away after.

The grocery list will be emailed to you after the chef approves the order. You will then be able to mark what you have in your kitchen and shop for the rest or share the list with your chef to have them buy the ingredients for you.

You can book a meal as often as you like, we have customers that are booking 1-2 times a week, others are booking every other week to help them with their weekly meal preparation.

Some customers also book Foodom chefs for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.

We ask to book the meals 48 hours in advance, to allow the chefs enough time to connect with you and prepare for the cooking.

It's totally up to you, you can order any type of food from the menu. For most dishes, the serving size is designed to be up to 10 servings or the size of your pots and pans. For the maximum value, we recommend booking a meal once a week, that will serve you 2-3 days with leftovers and order a few more dishes that you can freeze and enjoy in the 2nd half of the week.

Another option is to group with other people and/or families into a food pod. Read more about it here.

Keep it easy, healthy, interesting, and cost-efficient.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and cooks. The chefs that work with Foodom follow FDA and CDC recommended guidelines when they are in your kitchen.

Read here about the measures taken by the cooks before, during, and after the in-home cooking service.

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