Feast Your Eyes: Chef David's Holiday Movie Pairings to Savor

12/05/23, Editorial

The December holidays are a time for festive cheer, cozy gatherings, and of course, indulging in delightful treats. But what if we told you that the magic of the season could be enhanced not just by the flavors on your plate, but by the stories on your screen? Enter Chef David, a seasoned culinary maestro and connoisseur of both food and film. In this blog post, we’ll explore Chef David’s recommendations for an entertaining journey that complements the December holiday spirit. Because let’s face it, there’s something universally appealing about enjoying food – not just eating it, but watching it come to life on screen. Join us as we dive into Chef David’s curated list of must-watch movies and shows, a delectable blend of culinary inspiration and other movies that he loves. It’s time to laugh, enjoy, and savor the festive season in a whole new way.

Meet Chef David

Chef David, our head of chefs operations, is not your average culinary artist; he’s a lifelong culinarian, entrepreneur, and highly sought-after consultant. With a career spanning from fine dining establishments to groundbreaking ventures in public school food and hemp innovation, Chef David brings a wealth of experience to the table. His passion for conscious food creation and dedication to empowering teams have made him a respected figure in the culinary world. Now, he’s ready to infuse a bit of his culinary magic into your holiday movie lineup. Get ready to discover a cinematic feast handpicked by Chef David – a treat for the eyes and the taste buds.

Cooking Shows: A Gritty Reality

Amidst the festive cheer, David detours from the typical cooking competition shows to embrace the raw and unfiltered portrayal of kitchen chaos in THE BEAR. This gritty depiction of passion, addiction, and the authentic challenges of the culinary life sets the stage for a unique holiday viewing experience—one that brings an element of real-world chaos to the festive season.

Anthony Bourdain: A Culinary Odyssey

For Chef David, the December holidays are a time to revisit the timeless episodes of Anthony Bourdain. Whether it’s Parts UnknownNo Reservations, or A Cook’s Tour, these shows, with their cultural exploration through the lens of food, offer a nostalgic and enriching journey. It’s a culinary odyssey that resonates with the spirit of exploration and celebration.

Favorite Movies: A Culinary and Cinematic Delight

David’s film favorites span from the timeless classics of the Coen Brothers to culinary gems such as Tampopo (Japanese foreign) and Eat Drink Man Woman (Chinese foreign), creating a delightful blend that transcends genres. These cinematic masterpieces promise to infuse sophistication and humor into the holiday season, offering an eclectic movie lineup perfect for festive family gatherings. 

Another beloved film in David’s repertoire is Big Night. From the laughter to the music and, of course, the delectable food, this comedy resonates profoundly with David. For him, the movie’s core theme revolves around the enduring ties of brotherhood and family—no matter the challenges faced. It’s a beautiful narrative that captures the essence of life, and one that David can watch over and over again.

In addition, Chef holds a special place in David’s heart. This Jon Favreau masterpiece follows a head chef who, in a quest for creative renewal, buys a food truck and reconciles with his estranged family. Favreau’s dedication to learning about the presented and non-presented food, coupled with authentic chef techniques, makes Chef one of David’s all-time favorites.

Old go-to classics: A timeless collection

As the holidays bring people together, Chef David’s timeless movie classics provide a familiar and comforting backdrop. From the iconic Forest Gump to the adrenaline-pumping Apollo 13 and the humor-infused Nacho Libre, (or any Jared Hess Directed movie) and the forever remembered The Matrix (any of the movies), these films are the perfect accompaniment to cozy holiday evenings, adding a dash of nostalgia to the celebrations. 

Here are a few more movies from David’s list:

Wrapping up Chef David's holidays culinary journey

As we conclude this cinematic journey through the tastes and tales curated by Chef David, let the spirit of his December delights infuse your holiday celebrations. The eclectic mix of culinary chaos, cultural exploration, and timeless classics creates a feast for the senses that transcends the ordinary. Now, envision a holiday season free from kitchen chaos—where chefs on the Foodom platform take away the stress, leaving you with a relaxed, happy, and easy celebration. Focus on what matters most and find more time to enjoy another movie! Book a chef on Foodom for the holidays and let them bring the magic of Chef David’s curated delights to your table, ensuring your celebrations are not only delicious but also carefree and filled with joy. Chef David has stirred your cinematic cravings; let chefs on Foodom take care of the rest, so you can savor the season with ease.

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