Food Pods: A New Food Trend

Food Pods: A New Food Trend By: Foodom, published on 10/21/2020 You may have heard of school pods, where kids group with other families while homeschooling or distance learning, but have you ever heard of a food pod? Neither had we, until now! Whether you are a busy professional, with or without kids, cooking on …

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Meditation For Everyone

Meditation for Everyone By: Dale McD – BaseFive, Published on 08/02/2020 Special thanks to Reneta Jenik and Foodom for supporting BASE FIVE. Please be sure to follow BASE FIVE for more transformative practices, companion tools and mastery principals. Provided to you with love and gratitude. Why Meditate Each person is unique. So too, are their quests …

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The 5 Languages of Food

The 5 Languages of Food Written by: Christina LoBue, RDN, IFNCP Posted on Jan 18, 2020 There are many facets to food. First and foremost, it provides sustenance, but it also undeniably provides human connection. Many use it as a means to convey their love and affection. After all, food is known as the universal …

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