What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Created by: Foodom, posted on 04/22/21

Note: If you are a mom reading this, please feel free to share this with your family!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, Sunday, May 9th to be exact. The question that routinely comes up on this occasion is, “What should we get Mom?”. Sure, most moms will smile when their child hands them a macaroni necklace and some flowers from the garden, it’s cute and sweet. But if you really want to score points with the mom in your life this year, give her the gift of lifting one major thing off of her to-do list, if it’s on her list.

A Personal In-Home Chef Gift

A personal chef from the Foodom marketplace can make life so much easier for your family (and especially Mom and Dad), and you’ll find the pricing to be less than the cost of takeout, with much healthier options available (including allergy-friendly and special diets). Choose dishes and schedule a local chef via our website. For an added fee, the chef can even shop for all of the groceries for the meals. On the scheduled day, the chef arrives and cooks multiple meals for the entire week, then cleans, and stores any food that is not being eaten immediately.

You might find it surprising, but having an affordable chef actually helps reduce weekly food expenses, by reducing the need to eat out or order delivery, eliminating impulse buying, and reducing food waste. Reneta Jenik, our founder, was able to reduce her family’s food expenses by half with Foodom’s services.

Help Those That Like to Eat More Than They Like to Cook

Let’s face it, some moms love to cook, but some just don’t. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hating to cook, but unless you have a partner that loves to cook, it often leads to more expensive restaurant meals, fast food, or unhealthy processed foods. Non-cooks will love being able to choose dishes for the week, then have them prepared and ready to go.

Cooks Love it Too

What if mom or dad already loves to cook? We’ve found cooks love using Foodom too. Often people that love to cook still can’t find the time during the workweek to make recipes that take more than a couple of steps or ingredients. This results in making the same routine meals that are quick and easy. Foodom lets you choose from over 280 dishes, and many different cuisines (with new dishes being added weekly). A personal chef can also make more than one version of a dish if someone is on a restricted diet due to allergies or health conditions.

We also offer food prepping services like our pre-cut veggies, or marinated meats which make cooking quick and easy for weekdays meals!

Finally Use Up That Produce and Reduce Food Waste

Do you subscribe to a CSA box? CSA boxes are locally grown produce delivered right to your door. It is typically a lot of produce, and can easily go to waste. Select meals from Foodom that incorporate more of these items, or simply have the chef chop the fruit and veggies up for easy snacks or a quick stir-fry.

Food Pods Are an Option Too

A food pod is a new trend where a chef will cook multiple meals, and then a group of families will each take home a portion. It can be a fun way to meet up with friends weekly to grab your meals and know you are set for several days. Surprise your mom with a fun meal with her favorite friends. 

No Commitment, Schedule When You Want

Ready to give Mom the gift of delicious meals, and more time in her day? Purchase a Foodom gift card this Mother’s Day. She can pick her favorite dishes, then let YOU schedule the chef. Our customers find the convenience of having a personal chef cook for them to be pretty amazing, and often start booking weekly or every other week. Of course, there is no subscription, you just order whenever you’d like!

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