What Kind of Meal Prepper Are You? If You Are At All

Created by: Foodom, posted on 06/16/21

What kind of meal prepper are you? It seems like there are definitely some categories that meal preppers fall into. Where do you fall?

The Meal Parts Prepper

You are likely to see this person chopping onions, cutting up chicken, making salad dressing, and more on Sunday while listening to a true crime podcast. This person is very organized, and has a meal plan for the week. All the different parts of the meal are in labeled containers, ready to assemble into a meal during the week.

The Make a Casserole Today, Cook Later Prepper

You are likely to see this person fully assembling a casserole on a Saturday afternoon while watching a cooking show about making casseroles in the background. They cook all the meat (or meat substitute) add cheese, rice, and all the fixins’, place it in a glass dish, then add aluminum foil and place it in the refrigerator for a later meal. They are excited that they’ll have something yummy and ready during the week.

The Combo Cook Prepper

You are likely to see this person jump out of bed with a gusto on Sunday morning, ready with their cooking tasks for the day. Not only are they going to make a fresh meal to eat later that evening, they are also going to cook a few other meals and freeze them for later in the week. This person can’t be bothered with podcasts and TV, they play upbeat music to really get into the cooking zone.

The No Prepper

This person does not prep. They are busy all week with work, activities, getting kids to school and practice. They want to cook more at home for the health and cost benefits, but at the end of the day, a delivery pizza or takeout ends up satisfying everyone. They have the desire to prep, but it’s just not realistic for them. However, Foodom can help the No Prepper! With a few clicks on Foodom’s website, the No Prepper can order healthy dishes, and schedule a local chef.

It’s actually faster than getting takeout every night since the chef cooks once for the whole week.

So, which prepper are you? Or did we miss a category? Let us know in the comments below!

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