Personal Cooks Are Actually Something Many Can Afford

Written by: Reneta Jenik

Published on 12/19/2019

Many people think that personal chefs and home cooks are an extravagance that only rich people can afford. The truth is that many people from all different walks of life can afford personal cooks . In fact, rather than asking yourself if you can afford a personal cook, you should be asking yourself whether you can afford NOT to have one. A personal cooking service done right can save you not only money but a far more precious commodity, time.

No Impulse Buying

Food waste is a major problem globally. In the United States 31% of the food supply goes uneaten(1). Consumers were responsible for wasting 2/3 of it, around 21% of the available food supply. There are many different reasons for that waste. One important factor is consumers buy more than they need. Supermarkets are strategically designed to entice us to spend money. Have you ever notice that some of the most commonly purchased items are in the back of the store? Forcing you to go through fully stocked shelves to get them. Even for people on a strict budget, impulse buys are part of today’s shopping experience. We often end up with a lot of food that we don’t really need. A lot of that food often ends up in the trash. Not only is that bad for our planet, it also costs consumers a lot of money. A Foodom personal cook will do your grocery shop upon request. Since they do not impulse buy – this helps prevent waste. It could save you more than you spend.

Personal Cooks Will Not Buy More Than Is Needed

Not only will hiring a personal cook avoid the issue of impulse buying, they also make sure they do not buy more than is needed. Many shoppers tend to overestimate how much food is required to feed themselves and their families.
Personal cooks have the expertise needed to shop for quality ingredients, wisely and frugally. They are experts at affordable meal preparation. Since affordable meal preparation starts at just $50 you could save far more than it costs to have the meal prepared for you.

To give you an idea of the savings…

An average family spends $239 (2) on their main grocery trip each week. Since consumer food loss or waste is 21% – on average, a family will throw away approximately $50 of food every week.

With Foodom, for a minimum of only $50 for meal preparation*, you can have the convenience and indescribable freedom that you’ll feel after your cook prepares enough food to feed you and your family for days. Consider, that the cost for the preparation is the same for up to 10 servings, so you can order more food and enjoy the leftovers from the meal on subsequent days. The per meal serving cost for some Foodom meals is as low as $2.5!

Eat Out Less

Food is an essential part of our life as well as our health. We need to eat every day, usually a few times each day. When our schedule stops us from cooking our own meals we often end up eating out, getting fast food or ordering delivery services. This is not only one of the most expensive ways to eat but often the least healthy way to get our nourishment. This food is typically loaded with fats, sugars, excessive salts, unnatural chemicals and preservatives. Having a personal chef cook in your home will bring the control back to your hands. You choose the recipes, the ingredients and can even request your own cook. Wouldn’t you like to come home to a great smelling dinner, a clean kitchen and a healthy meal for the family? Not only to save money but also to save the hassle of going out, to save time and provide healthier food options tailored to each one’s dietary needs. Its time to get back to eating healthy home cooked meals. Let Foodom get you back to that.

Personal Cooks Save You Time (And Time is Money)

Time seems to be more valuable than ever in today’s hectic, fast paced society. Between work, taking kids to school, soccer practice and running errands we are busier than ever. Hiring the services of personal cooks will save you a lot of that precious time. Time not spent on planning, shopping, food prep and cooking will be yours to use in other ways. Spend it with family, friends or just take some time for yourself. When working out whether you can afford a personal cook – be sure to think about how much your time is worth, as well as the other savings you could make. Remember, time is money.


Hiring a personal cook and planning everyday meals in an efficient way on a regular basis, can potentially save money, time (which is more money) and stress (which is money too in future psychological or medical expenses). A personal cook can help avoid impulse buying, simplify weekly meal planning that can reduce grocery expenses and food waste and there will be less need to eat out or take away. These savings will most likely more than cover the cost of a personal cook and will add extra time that can be then invested in children, life partners, oneself, friends or anything else desired. And if that is not enough then healthy and tasty food is very easy to get used to.

(1) Buzby, J.C., Wells, H.F., and Hyman, J. 2014. The Estimated Amount, Value, and Calories of Postharvest Food Losses at the Retail and Consumer Levels in the United States. Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Information Bulletin Number 121 (Feb.).

* The cost includes meal prep, storage of the cooked meals and cleanup. It does not include ingredient costs or serving.

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