5 Ways to Free Up Time as a New Mom and Dad

Written by: Foodom, posted on 02/11/2021

Having children certainly introduces new challenges into every new parent’s life, but it also can help a person to be better organized. However, by dividing time between working professionally and devoting our time to the family, it is easy to become overloaded with duties and physical exhaustion. It is worth remembering that the short period of time when children are young will never happen again. This is the time when a developing child needs our closeness and attention. Children become our top priority and to give them our love and full attention, parents need to be strong. To manage energy and maintain strength, let’s focus our attention every day on what is really important, living mindfully.

New Parents Tips on how to Get Time Back

How can you free up some time when a child cries, calls, demands and does not give us a minute to rest? Here are 5 simple tips.

1. Balance and Boundaries

Working moms and dads constantly juggle work and personal life. It’s become increasingly difficult to achieve work-life balance. Dividing time between work, home and self-care may seem impossible. How much time you should take depends on an individual – some dream of a four-hour working day, others will be content with just free weekends. First set up your goals and then stick to them. Set boundaries such as you do not work after 6 pm on weekdays. Setting a time frame may help you work more efficiently.

2. Plan

Stay organized and plan what you want to do on a given day ahead of time. Thanks to this, you will be ready to work from the very start in the morning. Start by prioritizing the three most important things you want to close on the next day. Take care of them right away, in the morning, or at a time when it works best for you. Once you check them off the list, you’ll feel satisfied, appreciate yourself for being productive, and the day will flow differently.

There is a great book about this concept called Eat That Frog!, offering great ways to get more things done in less time.

3. Meal Prep

Get rid of unnecessary responsibilities, especially those that can be delegated to someone else, such as your meal preparation. Think about which of your daily duties you can delegate. Look for time savings. You’ll see how many things you don’t have to do at all. For example, for less than the cost of takeout, in-home chefs on Foodom Platform will shop for your preferred ingredients, meal prep 1-2 times a week in your kitchen, and leave your space sparkling clean with food for the whole week. It’s like flying first class at the price of coach.

4. Safe Communication and Letting Go

A new baby is very demanding and the first newborn changes parent’s lives upside down. Having honest, open and safe communication is key to build trust in the family and live a happy life. Using “I” messages can save finger-pointing and hurt feelings, that drain the already lower energies after endless sleepless nights.

Another way to save time is to simply let go. One might think they know best how to take care of a baby but the experienced parents will tell you that there are different ways that work.  And once you realize that your spouse can be a great parent, in their own way, you can let go, step aside and have a rest, go on a walk, or do anything else that charges you. I wish someone would have reflected it to me and told me this 15 years ago.

5. Cleaning

Get a Roomba! Robot vacuums work tirelessly and keep the floors tidy. Per hair and crumbs are gone before you even notice! This can make your life easier and free up your time to do what matter most to you.

Plan, Outsource, and Let Go

Why suffer from all the stress when there are ways to make your life easier? Start by letting go of the need to do everything perfectly by yourself, trust your partner, your family, and Foodom in helping you free up your time.

Check out our wide variety of dishes to choose from, and start planning your meals! For less than the cost of takeout, in-home personal chefs and cooks are available now in the Bay Area and in the Greater Sacramento area.

The other fun thing about that is that you will be saving time and money by having a chef buy the groceries for you, as they get only the needed ingredients, and at the same time you will be supporting the environment by reducing the packaging and food waste.

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