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Foodom vs. Cooking Yourself, Which is Right for You?

Written by: Foodom, posted on 02/19/21

Since the pandemic started, many of us have taken to the kitchen ourselves to cook all of our meals. It was kind of fun in the beginning, like a new hobby — cooking again, finding recipes, learning a new skill, or perhaps flexing an old muscle we haven’t used for a while. However, we are now rounding one year in pandemic life. Besides takeout, or bearing 50-degree patio dining, restaurants are still for the most part closed. That fun, new hobby of cooking has been relegated back to a chore. Thinking about what you want to cook, grocery shopping, cooking, then cleaning all the pots and pans takes a long time and just isn’t thrilling anymore. In fact, an article in the Harvard Business Review found that 45% of Americans hate to cook!

The Recipe Rut

Instead of trying new recipes (who has time?), you’ve fallen into the “five dishes rut.” You know, cooking the same five things every week because you know them by heart, everyone likes them, and they are super easy. One mom even said her daughter showed “PTSD symptoms” from eating the same bland chicken and broccoli every week!

Or, you finally get some motivation to break the rut, buy ingredients for a new recipe, but by the time your work and school days end, all you have energy for is that frozen pizza calling your name. All that healthy produce goes to waste as you grab for the easy thing.

Impulse Buys Kill Your Grocery Bill

The other fall back about going to the grocery store (especially with kids in tow) are all the impulse purchases you make. You go in for ingredients for that night’s dinner, and roll out with another 50% of your budget going to Captain Crunch, chips and salsa, brownies, scented candles, a magazine, and yes, another frozen pizza.

Foodom vs. Cooking Yourself

Using a Personal Chef Makes a Difference

Foodom, a marketplace that matches local chefs with customers can make a huge difference in your week. Customers will often go online on a Thursday or a Friday or any other day, pick 5-8 dishes, and schedule a chef to cook for them the following week. Or any other day with at least 48 hours in advance booking. A grocery ingredient list is emailed to the customer. They then have the choice to buy groceries themselves, or pay a small additional fee for the chef to purchase the groceries for them. Our customers have found that having the chef purchase the groceries not only gives them an hour back in their day to get more work or a fun activity done, they actually end up saving money since they aren’t buying those impulse extras. The chef also has a good handle on how much of the ingredient is needed, so they buy just the amount required, resulting in less food waste.

Try New Recipes Without the Work

Getting out of the recipe rut is simple and hassle-free with Foodom. All of the chefs in our marketplace have the skill to cook any of the dishes on our website. So, instead of shying away from a recipe because you don’t know how to dredge, emulsify, or sous-vide cook something, you can now choose a dish without fear of messing it up.

Another customer told us that having a vegan diet made their family meals simple and boring. With Foodom, they get delicious food that they wouldn’t know how to make on their own. They know that it’s 100% vegan and control the ingredients used in their kitchen.

Get Back Time in Your Day

The biggest advantage of Foodom, is the time you get back. Not worrying about cooking and cleaning up after every night, or all day on a Sunday gives you SO MUCH TIME! Start those workouts again, have family game night, meditate, or get those piles of laundry folded! Some customers have found they can squeeze in a little more of their work day in, so using Foodom actually allows them to make more money, canceling out the cost of the service completely.

What’s holding you back from trying new recipes, and having more time in your life?

Give Foodom a try!

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